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Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia. Štefanova ulica 5.The Public Health Directorate strives to prevent diseases among the entire population, and hence reduce the burden of disease both on individuals and for the whole society, by protecting and promoting mental and physical health and...

To map out the financial, physical and social health of senior citizens in Singapore, then-Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports* (MCYS) commissioned ... Statistics | Ministry of Health and Family Welfare | GOI MInistry of Health and Family Welfare is a Ministry under the Government of India and is ... Rural Health Statistics India; ... MIS for National Health Policy ... Ministry of Health The official site of the Ministry of Health, Belize, Central America. As Belize strives to develop a strong engine of sustainable economic ... National Health Insurance;

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The National Gambling Study (NGS) is the first New Zealand population representative longitudinal study into gambling, health, lifestyles, and attitudes about gambling. The NGS started in 2012 with an initial randomly selected national sample of 6,251 people aged 18 years and older living in private households, who were interviewed face-to-face ... New Zealand 2012 National Gambling Study: Overview and ... A major purpose of the 2012 National Gambling Study was to assess changes since the previous national gambling and problem gambling surveys were conducted. Five reports were produced from the study. This report focuses on national-level epidemiological information on changes in gambling participation in New Zealand. Method NEW ZEALAND NATIONAL GAMBLING STUDY: WAVE 3 (2014) - AUT

Key Ministry of Health Publications. Pacific Islands Families Study 2014: Mother and youth gambling report Prepared for the Ministry of Health, the research is part of the longitudinal Pacific Islands Families (PIF) Study conducted by AUT, which is following a cohort of Pacific children born in 2000, and their parents.

1: Introduction | Pathological Gambling: A Critical Review ... In August 1996, President Clinton signed P.L. 104-169, establishing the National Gambling Impact Study Commission, whose purpose is to conduct a comprehensive study of the social and economic impacts of gambling in the United States.

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Singapore Ministry of Health Clinical Practice Guidelines ... Guideline Summaries Singapore Ministry of Health. Find clinical practice guidelines from the Singapore Ministry of Health. These official guideline summaries are developed from the Singapore Ministry of Health guidelines and are authored to support clinical decision making at the point of care.